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Our speciality has been helping those just getting started in the speaking and stages world to hone their skills and establish themselves with everything they need to succeed as professional speaker.

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We’re taking the incredible learning you’ve been getting from our Speaking Seriously Boot Camps and ADDING ON the Speaking Seriously Championship in the evenings!

Not only are you going to be getting 2 days of the best speaker training out there, but you’ll be given the chance to COMPETE for SPEAKING CHAMPION in front of our expert panel of judges… which happen to run some of the biggest events in the country.

Nov. 8-9, you’ll be able to join us for the SPEAKING SERIOUSLY BOOT CAMP

If you’re thinking of becoming a professional speaker, don’t wing it and think, well now I’m amazing! Get to a Speaking Seriously Event ASAP. Every speaker should refine their craft by learning from the Speaking Seriously crew. I have put into practice on stage what I have learned from Speaking Seriously and it has fine tuned my speach and increased my sales. You don’t want to get on stage without Speaking Seriously!

Kat Keddington

Speaking Seriously has the track record, know how and experience to truly be in a position to show someone how to plan and rock an event. You want to know how to create an impactful event that people will be talking about years later? You want to fill up that event with people that need to be there? Speaking Seriously is your resource to learn the in's the out's and to learn what to do and what not to do in planning our event.

Wendy Bunnell

Speaking Seriously has changed my life. I now have tools to give presentations, sales and product packages, know how to tell a story and how to pick a story connected to the issues presented. And most of all an increase in confidence in being in front of people and not feeling like I am making a fool of myself. Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to future events and highly highly recommend Speaking Seriously to anyone who is ever in front of people.

Celeste Allred

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Speaking Seriously was born from the idea that anyone inspired to share their message and gifts with the world should have an outlet to do so. Since 2018 we have enjoyed helping countless speakers get booked on the RIGHT stages and start their careers as professional speakers.


Robyn Scott

If you have ever met someone who immediately made you smile, then perhaps you have met Robyn. She has been speaking on stages for several years now with an emphasis on acceptance and joy. Formerly the Joy Recovery coach she loves helping people tap into their confidence and happiness.

Julie May

It’s not everyday you meet someone who likes having fun as much as working hard. Julie is a down to earth, practical, and awe inspiring speaker with loads of experience getting on stages and more importantly helping others discover the clarity and confidence they need to be on stage sharing their message.